Specialty Leasing

Whether you want to operate for a few days or a few months, we can provide common area pushcarts, kiosks, or temporary in-line spaces. Genesee Valley Center is a major local shopping destination for Flint Township, MI and provides endless possibilities for short term or seasonal leasing.

  • RMU (retail merchandising units)/Pushcarts – Try your concept on a landlord provided unit in a high traffic, common area location.
  • Kiosks – A free-standing merchandising unit located in a high traffic, common area location. Kiosks are designed and provided by the tenant (mall management must approve kiosk design prior to move-in). Perfect for those retailers who prefer a customized unit.
  • In-line spaces – For those retailers who require an actual store space, but are not ready for a long term lease obligation. A perfect way to test the waters for your concept.
  • Advertising/Static Displays – Unlimited opportunities exist to promote your business, such as billboard style advertising and free standing displays in the common area, to name a couple.
*First Name:
*Last Name:
*Company Name:
*Street Address 1:
Street Address 2:
*State:   *Zip:
*Email Address:
Fax Number:
*Home Phone:
*Cell Phone:
*Work Phone:
*Commencement Date:  mm/dd/yyyy
Ending Date (seasonal only):  mm/dd/yyyy
* I am interested in: RMU
In-line Space

Concept / Product Information

*1. Who is your target customer?

Age:   Income Level:  
*2. What will be your average price point? 

*3. What sales volume would you project for your concept?

Monthly sales: Annual sales:
*4. Is your merchandise:
 Hand-crafted by yourself
Please describe in detail your concept & merchandise:
*5. Do you have established resources / suppliers for the product you will sell? 
Yes  No
* 6. How long does it take to receive or produce your product?
Check the closest description:
 One Week
 Two Weeks
 One Month
 More than one month
*7. Are you currently operating a business?  Yes  No
If yes:
How many locations? 
How many years have you operated this business? 
*8. Have you operated any other businesses: Yes  No
9. Have you operated a business in any other mall before?
Location:    Permanent Temporary
Dates: Sales:
Location:    Permanent Temporary
Dates: Sales:
Location:    Permanent Temporary
Dates: Sales:
Leasing Questions:
Proposed Merchandise Concept/theme:
(Please describe in detail)

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